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About Worstell Capital

Hello! We are Riley and Lauren Worstell. We are looking to help others build wealth through commercial real estate by syndicating for large multifamily or self storage properties. The markets we are interested in are: Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.

How Do Syndications Work?

Syndications can be structured in many ways but the way that we are going to do it is that our General Partners (GP) own 30% of the deal and our Limited partners (LP) own 70% of the deal and the LP's will get a preferred return of 3-7% depending on the property and it's risk level. As an LP in one of our syndications you own EQUITY in the property.

How do you get paid you might ask! Our syndication will be paying distributions quarterly once the property is stabilized (assuming it is not stabilized already).  Investors will also receive checks upon liquidation events such as a refinance or sale of the property.


To comply with SEC requirements this deal will be setup in a 506 b structure.

Create long term wealth through real estate?

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